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Choose a Day and Take a Break from the Internet… the Result Will Amaze You!


The one word that would properly define the post-modern human society is ‘drenched.’

We are drenched with storms and floods of an interconnected world in which sharing has lost its true value.
Most of the young population nowadays suffer from identity crisis, because they do not know who they are and what they want from life.
The reason for this is out our society is drenched. Our daily hours are preoccupied by the many distractions of the postmodern world that require our attention and focus.
Namely, the internet has been the main source of distraction for a long time now.

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There is one story that has always baffled me. The famous and acclaimed director, Christopher Nolan, once stated in an interview that he doesn’t own a cellphone and has never used email before.
When explaining why, he simply said:
‘I actually really like not having one because it gives me time to think. You know, when you have a smartphone and you have 10 minutes to spare, you go on it and you start looking at stuff.’
That is a powerful statement. And it actually makes you think!
In these days, we are never truly bored. We never truly think. We do not have a window which we could dedicate to our thoughts, because every moment of our day is committed to a little piece of digital screen.

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We have, slowly but surely, become slaves of this little digital screen. Every time we start to think about important things about our life or hurtful things that require our attention, our smartphone begs us to hold it up and check our social media profiles.
It is a convenient distraction. One that keeps you from making progress in your life!
But extraordinary and interesting things happen when we allow ourselves to be bored. Because then we will go and search for something interesting to do. We may even try to do something that has been on our mind for a very long time.
Something that could help us, but we never found the ‘right’ time for it.

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Our minds are overloaded and preoccupied. How many people do you think our ancestors had to deal with back in the day before technology took over?
There is so much information and distraction to be processed by our mind that could send the minds of our ancestors into a frenzy and drive them mad.
These smartphones are produced in a way to sell. They are, in their nature, addictive and give you attachment issues.
Social media platforms are designed in a way to keep the user from leaving them. And that is how they make money off you!

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Take a look at your surroundings. All of those chats, emails, posts, stories, pictures, news feeds etc. can wait. There are people close to you that require your love and attention. There are people who actually need you.
You have thoughts that you need to think about. For so long you have been a slave of these platforms without knowing it, slowly losing your thought independence and becoming reliant on them for your identity.
Despite all those chats and conversations, the only person you are never talking to is you!
How much time do you dedicate to yourself, and your own state of mental health?
How much time do you dedicate to take care of your thoughts and feelings?
Not much. Because the internet and social media inadequately take care of that for us.

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If you are not strong enough to break the chains that are binding you to the collective ignorance of the human race, then at least give yourself a chance to take a break from the floods.
Choose a day of the week, any day, and decide to not go over to the internet or social media. Dedicate that day to yourself and the people who are close to you.
The results will amaze you. There are many things that happen to us every day, and many things around us that we take for granted.
Decide to see life with your own eyes, and not through a small digital screen that tells you what you need to hear.
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