Why You Need to Make a Choice Now!

It is easier to live a life of indulgence and obligement. Many of us would sooner take the course with the current of the river rather than sit down to think and make actual decisions about our life.
This is not to say that we do not make decisions, but often enough, we find a lot of our friends and acquaintances living the life that other people have chosen for them, or at best a life that they have imitated from other people and their actions.
To those who procrastinate and protract, you need to make a decision right now and I am going to explain to you why!

We are, all of us, natural procrastinators. By this statement I do not merely want to claim that we procrastinate doing the things we hate; chores and tasks that are not in our best interest or we cannot bring ourselves to really enjoy.

No, the truth is that we are procrastinators of thought and progress.
We rarely give ourselves a chance to reflect on our future or our current state.
We do not want to think about how we are doing and how are days are spent. Because facing the truth is always hard, and the truth is that we are not living up to our real potential.
It is hard to sit down and think about how bad you are doing. It is hard to criticize yourself, your thoughts, decisions, actions, and eventual shortcomings that are a result of those decisions and actions.

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Hence, we procrastinate and procrastinate, indulging in the silly distractions of daily life to put out the fires that are raging at the back of our mind, begging us to heed to their word of wisdom and sit down to reflect on our life and its progress.
But we are not here to whine or grovel about the nature of human beings. We are here to find solutions.
Today, I have a very simple point: You have to accept the hard truth of your life and make a decision now.

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What decision is that?
One might ask. You must decide what you want to do with your life.
You need to determine your purpose, and take steps towards that purpose with all your heart and your will.
Some of you think that you have plenty of time and you could always make that decision. Some of you think that you are not prepared for it…
… and that is where you are wrong.
Because trust me, friends, if you do not make a choice now, you will be at the mercy of those who do!

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There are some people, unique and particular, who work up the courage to make a choice and dedicate their life to a cause. For the common man, and most of the people living in ignorance, it is easier to follow that man and fall prey to his thoughts and intentions, as stated at the beginning of the article.
That is why the human society is still struggling with freedom of thought. There are doctrines, schools of thought, and other sorts of occult groups that people tend to follow.
They submit themselves to a particular doctrine, because it is easier to follow than lead.
By facing the hard truth and thinking about your life and your future, you will come to make a decision and there, you will finally have freedom and satisfaction. There, you will have a life fulfilled.
Make a choice now, or you will always be at the mercy of the people who do!
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