What is Your Mission? The Difference Between Ambition and Mission…

It is a rather peculiar conversation when we sit down to talk about the purpose of human beings on this world and what they should do with their lives.
If you go to your old man, he has a certain opinion of what you should do with the time given to you. If you go to your mathematics master, he will give his unbridled opinions about where science triumphs.
If you go to a politician, he will talk about his higher vision for society and the future of your country.
The point is that aspirations range from small to big, significant to insignificant, ambitious to modest, and etc.

Do you already know what your purpose is? It is important to have a purpose. I cannot state this fact enough; we all need something that gives us meaning.
It can be literally anything. I have even met people whose purpose were dedicating themselves to another human being.
What matters is that you need a purpose. You need not ambitions, but a mission that colors you in a different light than the people around you.
You might be wondering about the difference between ambitions (aspirations) and missions. Well, that contradiction is basically like the juxtaposition of day and night.

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We all have ambitions in each and every moment of our life. When you were a kid, you had the ambition to grow to a degree so that you could climb the cupboard easily.
When you hit your teenage years, you had an ambition to be a police officer or a pilot. You had the ambition to date a beautiful girl and kiss her under the moonlight.
When you grew a little older, you aspired to become a millionaire and live a wealthy and prosperous life. You might have even had the ambition of becoming a person who other people could always rely on for help.
But a mission is different. Much more different.
When you have an ambition, it is for your own life. When you have a mission, it is much more serious.
An ambition is something you can live without, but a mission compels you to go through with it, come hell or high water, and never surrender until you accomplish it.

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A mission is a statement to yourself and the world. When somebody is on a mission, they have to accomplish it. No shortcoming or excuse could dissuade them from accomplishing their task.
A mission is vital. To your life and the lives of all those who are around you. Perhaps the whole of human race and this planet that we live on.
Someone who comes to know their mission is someone who understands their purpose on this world. Your purpose is your mission. That, which above all else, you feel the need to accomplish.
That road, which above all else, you find yourself in often enough to prove that this is what you were born to do.

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Do not follow ambitions and goals. Find your mission. Find your sole purpose of existence. Then dedicate your every ounce of energy towards realizing that vision and accomplishing that mission.
Your mission is a statement of your meaningfulness in this life.
Do not waste your time chasing pitiful ambitions and questionable desires, when you could easily live a life of happiness and contentment by following what you really want, deep down in your heart.
That is your mission. Commit yourself to that mission, and you will ride life straight to the destiny that you have always had to bear.
Your mission will be your true legacy for the generations of people to come and walk this good earth!
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