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What is Pay'aat

"Pay'aat is a digital and risk-less payment platform that instantly enables sellers to accept online payments without extra hardware and buyers to pay from their own mobile or any personal devices without swiping bank cards. Around 80% of online shopping and majority of other shopping payments are still dominated by online banking, without any additional setup, giving a flexibility in payment by providing a payable link will give new life to grow business.
Pay'aat payment platform can generate both paper or digital receipts. The digital invoice/receipts could be sent to customer via WhatsApp, SMS, email or any messaging application. Receipts can be customized by adding company logo, contacts, items and short promo messages.

Our Mission

Direct Settlement

Our direct settlement model provide you full control over your payments. As soon as a payment is completed from customer device, your funds are immediately available in your bank account, and you can proceed cash withdrawals, Online payments etc.

Our Vision

Indirect Settlement

This mode of payment is designed to enable online payment for small sellers who do not have a commercial bank account eligible to open online payments. As soon as a payment is completed from customer device, We will route your funds through our platfom to you account on a scheduled interval then it will be available for cash withdrawals, POS or Internet payments, via the business card.

Our Goals

Partial Payments

It is a great idea to extent business by giving flexibility in payment collection. Our platform suport partial payment through the same Pay'aat link. Customers can share the invoice link again and again to proceed balance payment.

Our Accomplishments

B2B integration

We developed a Next Generation payment platform for person-to-person payments (P2P) and also business-to-business (B2B) integration. We have a set of Application User Interfaces (API) which will allow marchants to generate Pay'aat links and manage billing from their existing website, mobile apps or software.

How We Work

"We provide payment process without risks"
We enable merchants to accept mobile and online payments from customers worldwide. Our payment processing is simple, seamless, secure and reliable, no matter where you are on the globe.



A sharable payment request link from buyer to customer will be the secure, fast and easy way for customers to pay online.



Cerate payment request link and send it directly to your customer and leave it to pay on their convenience.



Pay directly from customer mobile immediately or later without additional software is a good idea to fill the gap between buyer and seller.



Get a quicker access and greater control over your online business, real-time transactions data and complete sales history directly from .